What is The Property Ledger™?

The Property Ledger™ is the web based real estate investment software that not only can be utilized to evaluate the anticipated financial returns of potential real estate acquisitions of single family homes, condominiums, multi-plexes, apartments, commercial buildings, mobile home parks, and land, but The Property Ledger™ will also track the financial returns for your entire real estate investment portfolio over time.

The Property Ledger™ is a secure platform which includes The Financial Analyst™, The Financial Dashboard™ and The Report Writer™.


All accounts are password protected and maintained on a secure server using the latest encryption techniques.

Financial Analyst™

Illustrates the financial performance of individual properties as well as your portfolio as a whole.

Financial Dashboard™

Indicates the dates of mortgage payoff, net equity in property at date of payoff as well as net monthly cash-flow at payoff date.

Report Writer™

Produces professional looking reports including the Portfolio Summary, Project Summary, Tax Analysis and Amortization Schedules.