The Property Ledger™ – Company History

The Property Ledger™, LLC was established in 2008 by Carter Froelich to develop the web based real estate analysis tool of the same name to address a need for an easy-to-use yet sophisticated analytical tool to allow investors to evaluate potential real estate investment opportunities.

Once Carter and his wife had acquired four investment properties, they began having challenges keeping track of the growth of their real estate portfolio and determining the financial results of their efforts. As real estate is the cornerstone of their investment strategy, this information was extremely important to them.

Carter began to look for a software package which would not only evaluate individual real estate opportunities, but would also provide information related to: (i) the value of their real estate portfolio when they retired; (ii) the net monthly cash flow which may be expected once the properties’ mortgages were paid off; as well as, (iii) various financial performance measurements related to each individual property and their real estate portfolio as a whole.

After an exhaustive search Carter could not locate such a software program. All of the software packages found would only do very basic and limited financial calculations for one property and did not provide the necessary sophisticated analysis which Carter and his wife required to not only provide the basic analysis when evaluating a property for acquisition; but one which would also project the long term financial returns of their real estate portfolio over time.

Carter thought that if they were having this challenge, other real estate investors may have the same need for this information. As such, Carter set about to develop an easy to use software program to satisfy our need for this information. Thus, The Property Ledger™ was born.

Carter Froelich – Biography

Carter Froelich is the Managing Member of The Property Ledger™, LLC and creator of the web based real estate software of the same name. Carter is also the Managing Principal of a national consulting firm and was a consulting Manager with the consulting firm of Kenneth Leventhal & Company in both the Newport Beach, California and Phoenix, Arizona offices.

Carter is  a former Arizona State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. Carter received a Masters in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Carter is a member of the Urban Land Institute, the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona, the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association and the Building Contractor’s Association of Idaho. Carter is a regular contributor to the Arizona School of Real Estate’s monthly publication and has also served on the Camelback Village East Planning Board.

Carter and his wife Bronwyn are active real estate investors owning 19 properties in the United States, Mexico and Australia. Carter, Bronwyn and their three children reside in Phoenix, Arizona.


We at The Property Ledger™, LLC are dedicated to the purpose of helping individuals create significant wealth and a worry free retirement through real estate investing. To this end we encourage users of The Property Ledger™ to provide suggestions for improvement and / or additional features which you believe will be beneficial to all users of The Property Ledger™. We anticipate to continually update and improve The Property Ledger™ with a minimum update occurring on an annual basis. Please provide all comments and suggestions for improvements to