Product Overview

The Property Ledger™ is the premier web based real estate investment software created by a certified public accountant and real estate investor for serious real estate investors.

The Property Ledger™ allows you to:

  • Perform financial analysis on potential real estate acquisitions
  • Track the financial performance of your real estate portfolio
  • Estimate your real estate investment portfolio’s value and net monthly cash flow once your last mortgage has been paid-off
  • as well as store and have access to relevant property related documents and photographs from anywhere on-line

As one of the benefits of real estate investing are the tax benefits which accrue to real estate investors, it is important to have a working understanding of tax related matters. Now we know that most individuals do not get excited about tax related matters however, if you are serious real estate investor who wants to maximize your net worth, you have to develop a working knowledge of tax related matters. The Property Ledger™ will assist you understand the financial and tax consequences of holding and/or selling your real estate investments as the tax process has been programmed into the software and input of assumptions made easy.

The Property Ledger™ may be accessed from anywhere in the world on line. For best results it is recommended that you utilize Internet Explorer 7, 8 (or higher), Firefox 3.0 (or higher), Opera 9 (or higher) or Safari 3 and 4 (or higher).

The Property Ledger
The Property Ledger™ represents the cornerstone of your real estate investment activities. Analyze new real estate acquisitions and track the financial performance of your real estate portfolio. Sign up for your free thirty days trial today.

Real Estate Navigator Forms™
Forms designed to assist you in the evaluation of potential real estate acquisitions, the rental market and well as the market for comparable sales. Get your free Real Estate Navigator Forms now.

Wealth Team Members™
Real estate investing is a team sport and you need a top notch team of professionals to be successful. For a listing of real estate professionals which believe may assist you on the road to creating wealth for you and your family, see a listing of Wealth Team Members under the Resources tab.

The Property Academy™
The Property Academy™ is a listing of video tutorials related to using The Property Ledger™ as well as  real estate and financial analysis.

The Property Report™
This is our free newsletter filed with meaningful investment, tax, legal, property management, market and other useful information to assist you in your real estate investing journey. Sign-up for your free copy of The Property Report today.

The Property Interviews™
On a monthly basis you can receive interviews with other investors, accountants, attorneys, authors, real estate market experts, motivational speakers and Wealth Team Members related to important issues surrounding real estate investing and wealth creation. This is great way keep your motivated and informed. This service will be available in late 2013. This service will be coming soon.

The Property Blog™
Our sole purpose is to assist real estate investors create wealth and retire worry free and as such we want to hear from you on how we can make The Property Ledger™ better. We also want you be able to get in touch with other members of The Property Ledger™ Community so that everyone may share ideas related to real estate investing and wealth creation.

The Property Strategies™
The Property Strategies™ are concise investment ideas and strategies which can you implement immediately in your real estate investment activities.  The Property Strategies™ are design to provide you with real life examples of how you can maximize your investment returns and cash flow.  We plan on releasing two to three additional Property Strategies™ per quarter.  If you want to accelerate your net worth as well as your net monthly cash flow, you will want to collect all of The Property Strategies™ as they become available.

Continued Education
It is important to invest in yourself especially as it relates to increasing you knowledge and understanding of real estate investing. Accordingly, please see our listing of meaningful educators, seminars, books, and CDs in our Resources section under Wealth Team Members / Educators™. Lastly, if you want to retire with a meaningful net worth, we suggest that you read “The Real Estate Wake-Up Call” which describes why you must invest in real estate now if you want to retire worry free. You may purchase an electronic or hard copy of the book under our Buy tab.

Other new and innovative products, information and services are currently being developed and will be added to The Real Estate Wealth Building System™ over the months and years to come.