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Property Strategies™

Finding Private Investors

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Discover how you can locate and retain private investors to lend you money to build your real estate portfolio.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Real Estate

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Save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding the 16 common mistakes made by real estate investors.

Creating Wealth Through The Substitution Of Security Clause

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Learn how the substitution of security clause can be used to allow you to sell property and keep all of the sales proceeds. This tool will allow you to create huge amounts of cash for further real estate investing or personal use.

Making Money With The “And/Or Assigns” Clause

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Discover how the use of the “and/or assigns” clause will allow you to make huge profits without ever closing on the property.

Lynch Pins of Real Estate Investing

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Learn how the three Lynch Pins of real estate investing will allow you purchase properties which are easier to manage, are always rented, hold their value and allow for the creation of huge amounts of value through your entrepreneurial skills.

Determining Market Value

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Never overpay for real estate again, uncover the techniques and strategies to determine the market value of real estate investments. Remember you make money in real estate on the purchase, not the sale.

Earning Bank Returns with Wrap Notes

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Learn the secret of wrap notes and how they can help you buy and sell property while dramatically increasing your monthly cash flow.

The Buy and Flip Formula™

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Earn massive profits on your next property flip by following the Buy and Flip Formula™.


The Real Estate Wealth Building System

A system of unique processes which will allow you to explode your real estate investing, find private investors and enhance your financial returns.

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The Real Estate Wake-up Call

Why You Must Invest In Real Estate Now If You Want to Retire Worry Free

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What Every Real Estate Investor
Needs To Know

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow Analysis

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The Property Coach

The Property Coach is a vital focusing tool which allows you to capture all of your quarter’s most important tasks in one place.

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